Reduce, reuse, recycle

I grew up near the beach in Piura, Peru. I spent most of my summers swimming and playing all day in a beach where my grand-dad had a house. I recall waking up at 5 am with him and going to buy fresh fish, then going for a walk to a neighboring beach and coming back to spend the rest of the day playing in the water. It should not come as a surprise that when I think about vacation I think about the beach. I deeply love it!

I spent my teenager and youth weekends and summers at the beach. I recall sitting in front of the sea and just hearing that calmly sound of the waves would heal my young broken-heart. yes, I do talk to the sea, it is my friend. So when last year I vacationed with my family and found, the second day, that the sea had decided to throw-up all the garbage to the coast I did not doubt it for a minute. My friend needed help, I did what I could. I picked up everything I could to take it to a bin. I wished there was a recycling bin there..

Sea full of garbage

But you know what I found? Mostly disposable plates, forks, knives, spoons.

The worst was that they were breaking apart making it extremely difficult to catch. I reused one of the empty glasses I picked to catch the particles I could. I could easily imagine the animals in the deep sea eating, by mistake, these pieces when trying to catch something else...or even mistaken them by a yummy algae or sea creature.

Small particles of plastic items breaking apart

I also found a few things I was definitely not expecting to see: A blender lid, half an elephant plastic toy, sandals,...

Unexpected garbage in the sea

A plastic bracelet that I guess was a lid before "strangling" a piece of wood...this could have easily been a fish, a turtle...

Overall I removed a large portion of garbage from that sea and I am sure it is not even 1% of the one currently floating in our oceans.

Inspired by this we started a reusing program at Olea|Cocos. For every Body Butter or Scrub Container you return you get a ETB 20 discount on your purchase. This is a penny on the things that you can do. Want to know what else you can do? Here go a few ideas:

  • Switch to shampoo bars, ours or from other producers. Yes, they work, it will take some adjustment for your hair and you will have to be patient but the planet and your health is worth the investment.

  • Avoid using liquid soap, otherwise where do you think those plastic containers go?

  • Take your reusable bags when you do groceries.

  • Use a reusable mug for your coffee and a reusable water bottle. Whenever given the choice choose glass or reusable plastic. Avoid disposable options.

  • Want to learn how to do your own cleaning products? Contact us, we will be happy to organize a group to share our ideas.

We can't do everything but each of us can do something!

Let's take care of our planet!


#planet #natural #organic #health

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