The Health & Beauty Circle: Welcome Face Toners!

We have just launched our Face Toners to complete the health & beauty circle: 1) Cleanse, 2) Hydrate, and 3) Moisturize and Regenerate. We suggest you to use this routine morning and nights.

Figure 1: The Health & Beauty Circle

The Circle of Beauty

1) Cleanse: You want to make sure the pollution and all dirt that stick into your skin, and in particular your face, is gone. For this you need to cleanse your face at least every night. We recommend you to use a natural soap. This will mildly cleanse your skin without ripping off all the natural moisture. You can look at our natural and organic Soaps.

2) Hydrate: To remove any remaining dirt or make up, but also to hydrate your skin we have just launched our Face Toners. They will also help reducing pores, not closing them! They are made with certified-organic witch hazel water and unrefined apple cider vinegar made with organic ingredients and organic essential oils. We have three versions: Lavender, Geranium and Ylang Ylang.

3) Moisturize & Regenerate: To make sure your skin is moisturized and to help cells regenerate we recommend to use our Nourishing Oils. Our under-eyes skin Nourishing Oils will also reduce dark-circles under the eyes. You can apply all our Nourishing Oils morning and nights, no need to multiply the number of products.

One of our concerns when starting Olea|Cocos was the quantity of products we, consumers, apply to our skin. We are adding the Face Toner to our Health & Beauty Circle because it does help the skin recuperate its natural tone, but we are still keeping the number of products needed way below the average.The Environmental Working Group estimates that on average women use daily nine (9) products, excluding make up. With our Health & Beauty Circle Routine we are suggesting you to use four (4) products: 1) Soap, 2) Face Toner, 3) Under-eyes Nourishing Oil and 4) the Face Nourishing Oil. This represents less than 50% the number of products that women apply on average.

So remember: Cleanse, Hydrate, Moisturize and Regenerate!

Enjoy your skincare!


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