At Olea|Cocos we are concerned about the amount of plastic and waste we throw daily in the planet. For this reason we are introducing from October 2018 a reuse policy applicable to our Body Butters, Face & Body Scrubs and Nourishing Oils.


Each time you purchase one of these products you will have the option of giving us back the container so we can sterilize it and reuse it to pack the same product. In exchange we will grant you, on the purchase of the same product, a discount  of ETB 20 per container returned. You will only be able to get the discount when purchasing the same line of products. The price of the product you are purchasing sets the limit to the discount you get. This means that if the price of the product is ETB 100, you will get it for free if you give us back five containers.


Do note, we will only accept containers that are in good conditions and that have not been exposed to other substances.

Body Butters and Nourishing Oils purchased before October 2018 are eligible to get the discount. Face & Body Scrubs purchased before October 2018 are not eligible because we are changing the container.

We will continue working on improving our packaging to make sure we reduce our impact in the planet.

If you have any questions about this policy do not hesitate to contact us.