I naively believed that all skincare products were made with ingredients that would not harm our skin or health. When I got pregnant, I started researching about the ingredients added in the “natural” skincare products I was then using. I could not believe what the companies I had trusted for years put in the products they offer. So I started switching from a conventional deodorant to plain lime. My armpits were to a length healthier but also burned, until I found the formula that works just the right way.


Next in the list of changes were the cleaning products for the house. This is when I started doing my own soap and the next thing I knew was I had fallen in love with shampoo bars. In parallel I experimented with scrubs, nourishing oils and toners and that is when I finally saw my sun spots disappearing, my skin moisturized all day long and my long-fought expression lines (a.k.a wrinkles)  fading away. I had given up on these ones after years of trying all the most powerful skin regenerators among conventional products.

I have to confess throughout this process I looked into other self-proclaimed skincare natural and organic options but I was disappointed to find that a large proportion of them were using synthetic (non-natural) ingredients. Some were packed in non-reusable or non-recyclable sources which meant they were increasing the waste in the planet. Moreover, most of them were highly priced. This is when Olea|Cocos development started. I wanted to provide you with a, reasonably priced, skincare option inspired by nature that will offer your skin with the necessary nutrients to be at its best without harming the soil or ocean and with a minimal impact on the planet.

Enjoy your skincare!


Olea|Cocos' Founder

Inspired by the beauty of nature

We are inspired by the power and beauty of nature.