What does Olea|Cocos mean?

Olea|Cocos is the union of Olea Europea (olive oil) and Cocos Nucifera (coconut oil). These are two very important oils for our skincare line. About 70% of our products include one or both of them as ingredients.

How did Olea|Cocos started?

We started Olea|Cocos development because on one side we would like to raise awareness about the importance of what we feed our skins and the planet with. On the other side, we realized that there are very few options in the market offering a fully natural and organic skincare line at reasonable prices. Read the full story in our How we started? Section.

Are Olea|Cocos products certified organic?

Not yet, but in the meantime we use certified-organic ingredients to handcraft our products.

Why are Olea|Cocos products palm-free?

Olea|Cocos products are palm- free because we are concerned about the rainforests' destruction and the endangerment of some species generated by palm-oil producers.

Palm oil is a hard oil (an oil is considered hard if it remains solid at low temperatures) rich in palmitic and oleic acids used in many food and skincare products. It is 68% cheaper than coconut oil, which is another hard oil. Due to the clear price advantage many food and skincare producers resort to palm oil to use as part of their ingredients. To meet the high demand for this oil many rainforests in South East Asia, Africa and Latin America have been destroyed to allow for palm oil plantations to develop. This does not only mean the destruction of the rainforests but also the endangerment of the animals (such as orangutans) that used to live in them.

There are currently certified “sustainable” palm oil producers but we do not believe the requirements of this certification are strong enough to avoid the above mentioned environmental problems.

How do I store my Olea|Cocos products?

To avoid the oxidation of the ingredients used when handcrafting your Olea|Cocos products it is better to keep them in the original container in a dry place away from sunlight. See further directions on the product’s label.

What is the shelf life of Olea|Cocos products?

Our products are free from preservatives. Their shelf-life depends on the ingredients used and varies from batch to batch. Make sure you read the product’s label. You can use the product until the last day of the expiration month.

If for some reason you are uncertain about the shelf life of your Olea|Cocos product contact us at You will just need to send us the batch number registered on the label of your product and we will address your concerns.

What is the Olea|Cocos reusing program?

At Olea|Cocos we want to reduce the waste thrown in the planet. If you cannot find a way to reuse the containers from your Nourishing Oils or Body Butters, and they are in good shape; you can give them back to us and we will provide you a proportional discount in your next purchase. Contact us for more information.

How can I order Olea|Cocos products?

We are currently selling our products in Addis Ababa. Order online or e-mail us at All orders are delivered for free on Fridays. We will keep you posted as we expand the list of countries where you can find our products.

My deodorant is hard to push out, what can I do?

We recommend you to store your deodorant inside a cabinet. If left at room temperature the ingredients might become harder making it difficult to push it out. Do note that due to the different densities of ingredients you might notice that at some point the texture of your deodorant becomes thicker (even when the deodorant is stored inside a cabinet). If this happens it is better to apply the deodorant with your fingertips, but keep storing it inside a cabinet to help the deodorant recover its creamy texture.

Will my hair need to adjust if I switch to the Olea|Cocos Hair Care?

If you have been using conventional (made with synthetic ingredients) hair care it is likely that your hair's appearance will be different when switching to Olea|Cocos Hair Care. Any built up from previous products will be removed by the Shampoo Bar you are using and during this time your hair might appear oily. Our Hair Rinses do help on this transition. To use the hair rinse appropriately you need to: * Shake the Hair Rinse bottle before adding the rinse to the water. You want to assure that "the mother" in the apple cider vinegar made with organic ingredients is always present in your dilution. * Dilute 1 to 6 tablespoons of the Hair Rinse in a cup of water. The amount of hair rinse that you need to use depends on your hair's length. If you do not notice a change of texture on your hair when pouring the Hair Rinse dilution, then you need to increase the amount of Hair Rinse used. * Pour the Hair Rinse dilution, slowly, on your scalp and all your hair. This will help strengthening the hair follicle but also untangling and giving a natural shine to your hair. if you have any doubts, feel free to contact us!