Olea|Cocos Organic Skincare display of products

At Olea|Cocos we care about what you feed your skin and the planet with. For this reason we are committed to provide you with a selection of handcrafted products made using only natural and certified-organic* ingredients. Our skincare line is inspired by nature to help you get the best of your skin.

  • Our products are: cruelty-free, palm-free  and vegan-friendly**

  • We use herbs, plants and clays to color our products.

  • We do not use any synthetics, including: sulfates, triclosan, preservatives, parabens, phthalates or perfumes.

  • More for less. You will need to use less number of products and lower amount of them to get better results for you skin than conventional skincare products.

  • Environmental friendly packing. Our glass and plastic containers, that remain behind once the products are finished, are made of recyclable sources and can be easily reused. Contact us at info@oleacocos.com to learn about our "reusing program".

  • Safe for the planet. After washing off our products, they biodegrade quickly. They do not harm the soil, plants, oceans or sea life.

Enjoy your skincare!

* On average our products are made with 90% certified-organic ingredients.

** Our only non vegan-friendly products are the Honey Face Soap and Honey Face & Body Scrub.